5 most common causes of alcohol addiction

Alcohol, like any other abusive substance, gives a ‘feeling of ecstasy’ to the brain. People forget the fact that this hallucination is only a time-dependent factor. Once the impact of alcohol ceases, the brain loses its euphoria. Thus, the person again craves for more alcohol… thus, for more euphoria.

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With incessant use of alcohol, the body starts getting immune to the secretions of the ‘feel good’ hormone or dopamine. People also start drinking more heavily to reach that point of pleasure. Unluckily for them, they only get pulled more and more into this addiction as one gets pulled by the quicksand! Such individuals may now face withdrawal symptoms. To keep away from this symptom, they again consume more alcohol. So this is a vicious cycle that keeps repeating relentlessly, and only a proper stoppage to it can help these alcohol addicts.

Reflecting on its earliest symptoms-

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People undergoing this issue might relate to it. Others keep an eye on these indicators as they might help prevent further damage to people you know.

The starting signs of alcoholism can seem to be not too endangering. But keep in mind, ‘A pause now can give a longer life later!’

  • Notice if your drinking habit is intensifying in the name of stress and parties. Know that these are just excuses that you are giving to yourself
  • Even if subtle, the changes are present where you start moving away from your family, only to allot more to your drinking hours. A fun life with family and friends need not include alcohol. It needs to constitute being around people that you adore!
  • Sleep patterns become erratic resulting in improper mood swings and also loss of interest in all other activities.

When you see yourself having just one engrossment in life, that is alcohol, become alert not to cross the line any further.

Causes of alcohol addiction-

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  • Childhood curiosity-When you set about drinking from a very early age, you become more prone to the ill effects of alcohol at the later stages in life. Maybe, you have had that extra nudge from your peers to indulge in drinking at your puberty. Growing years can be pretty rough, especially if there is no proper supervision of a guardian. Try to negate your curiosity about trying something new at that age. The building blocks of your body growth are at their peak now. Let your body and mind have space and intellect to fully mature, and you to make the right decision after that.
  • Stress of working people-The world around today has become very fast-moving. From trying to grow up fast to having a promising career at a speedy rate, to achieve everything in no time, we are filled with such overachievers almost everywhere around us. But, what we fail to see is that few people in such stressful conditions or, if they fail, resort to alcohol as their blinding support. Alcoholism is hence, very prevalent in the working society to deal with anxiety and stress.
  • The genetic factor-Alcoholism can run down in the ‘family tree.’ The hereditary cause is a potent reason for alcoholism. But inheriting the gene to drink is not all it takes to become an addict! The lineage factor combining with the environmental factor can lead to alcohol addiction.
  • Mental health disorders like bipolar problems, schizophrenia can make a person closeted and reticent in expressing their symptoms and feelings. They end up consuming alcohol to suppress their fear and anxiety. This may lead to alcoholism and also aggravate the problems of their mental health.
  • Emotional trauma-Alcohol abuse is familiar to people undergoing traumas of childhood abuse, domestic abuse. As they usually do not vent out their resentment, they slyly take the help of alcohol to suppress their damaging bits! Instead of taking the wrong path, they should talk to people who care or a therapist who will alleviate the root cause of their problem. Alcohol is only a life-risking agent in the long run.

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Also, people going through an emotional imbalance or breakdown may feel the need to take alcohol for their retreat. Instead of confronting their feelings, grief, and pain and accepting their situation, they instead consume large amounts of alcohol to give themselves a carefree touch. But, this eventually increases your pain

The reasons for getting tempted by alcohol are many. But the reason to avoid it is even bigger…. that is, a healthy, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, if you have already become an addict, we would like you to come and tell us your problem. We are available to you all the time. Just contact us from the details given below;

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Difference between Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

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Questions that might have struck your mind after reading the heading could be:

1: Isn’t drug abuse and drug addiction the same thing?
2: What are the leading causes and effects of drug abuse or drug addiction?
3: Does drug overdose lead to death?

The above questions and all the rest you are thinking about are all rational. Findings show that the harmful effects of drugs consume around 8.5 lakh people in India. It is not much of a surprise, if you too, are worried about the impact of a drug that has come down upon someone you love.

Drug Abuse v/s Drug Addiction

We may misinterpret drug abuse to be drug addiction or vice versa. But, there is a clear difference between drug abuse and drug addiction.
Drug abuse is the precursor to drug addiction. Being highly engaged in consuming drugs can negatively affect physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. This is what drug-abusing means.
Talking about drug addiction, have you ever seen a person going on a rampant parade if drugs are denied to him? He seeks cures in every nook and corner. Drug addicts go up to the extent of even stealing to afford their daily dose. Even after knowing its harmful impact, one is unable to stop himself from taking drugs. This is, thus, a mental disorder to keep repeating the same behavior, in this context… consuming drugs!

drug addiction causes and effects

Damage of drug abuse

Drug abuse can have immense potential in changing to drug addiction.
Ask yourself if your tendency to taking drugs has increased and you crave it day long. This is not a good sign. Although drugs must have started for a recreational purpose, there will be inclinations of consuming more and more medications due to a heavy increase in the dosage.
Drug abuse can cause a lack of interest in things that you previously enjoyed. Either you cannot perform well sober, or there is no fascination left to do any task.
Cocooning yourself within the clenching effects of drugs, you will start being more distant from your family members and friends. Drugs increase the levels of apathy in a person.

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People under the abusing effects of drugs are not capable of maintaining a decent physical appearance. Abrupt loss and gain of weight is a common symptom.
Physical manifestations are; bloodshot eyes, swollen face, marks of injections, change in skin tone color.
An erratic sleeping pattern is another damage caused due to drug abuse. The person is either sleeping way too much, or none at all.
Also, notice if you see a change in yourself. Sudden mood swings, feeling gloomy, troubled, and annoyed are its outcomes, putting all your peace in jeopardy.


Addiction and its effects

Addiction to drugs can have an uncontrollable upshot to oneself. It can make a person break all barriers to get himself a drug dose. Yes, it can be that invasive! The long-term duration of taking drugs degenerates all your body systems. You may also undergo stress, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts if you are an addict. What are the other effects of this ‘mind-controlling substance?’

  • Having the urge to inject oneself even after knowing its lashing effects
  • Changes in the functioning of the brain start as a predisposing factor to the consumption of drugs
  • Abusive relationships between family and friends
  • Damage to the entire bodily functions
  • Risk of heart attack
  • Strokes and seizures
  • Abdominal pain, vomiting
  • Imbalance in the social wellbeing of oneself
  • Crash in the finances
  • Self afflicted pain and misery
  • Permanent brain damage

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As we have seen, drug abuse not only creates drama in one’s life but also causes strain amongst the people who are a part of the drug addict’s life.
If you are struggling to overcome your addictions or know anyone who has fallen into this ‘deep pit hole.’ Mark it as your duty to offer a helping hand. In your case, step down from the ‘artificially high’ you have built around yourself and face reality. Drugs can cause a marring effect in your life. Ask for help by contacting the;
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Also, the best nasha mukti kendra in India is there for your help if you cannot leave your addiction.

Know that we are here for you, to give you a new life and to give new meaning to your life.

Prevent alcohol addiction: alcohol prevention and treatment

Go to a party, and drink a glass or two of wine. “ That will not do much of a harm! It is an occasional thing!” you say to yourself…. then maybe, you pour yourself another glass.

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You see, this is a repetitive sign of your brain wanting more and more of those overflow of dopamine. After all, your friends have stayed unaffected for years, even with alcohol abuse. So how can just two glasses of wine be harmful to you?

The effects of alcoholism are essential for all of us to know. Every individual is different, so is their controlling capacity. One might become an addict in a year, and the other may still be in control after five years. The medical history of the person is another criterion to how alcohol will react in your body. The amount of alcohol consumed and the tolerance to it are the other risk factors.

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Dangers of alcohol addiction-

  • Slurred speech
  • Fatty liver or liver cirrhosis
  • Kidney infections
  • Hypertension
  • Tuberculosis
  • Strokes
  • Heart failure
  • Cancer

The above-listed diseases are all fatal and may end up eventually taking your life. Understand this, that trying to get some temporary happiness, you are putting your life at stake.

How to prevent alcohol addiction-

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Having to deal with alcohol abuse disorder can be pretty challenging. But, having a strong willpower can make your journey easier;

  • Either you are too happy or too sad, you think of alcohol. Change this mindset. Not being able to control and giving in during challenging situations is a reckless way of dealing with life. Avoid consumption of alcohol in vulnerable cases to not end up depending on it
  • Replace alcoholic drinks with more carbonated beverages, or maybe even juices, to lead a healthy life
  • Avoid socializing and going to places where you will not be able to restrict yourself from drinking
  • In cases of teenage alcohol consumption, be a better guardian in educating the child to not resort to demeaning substances at such an early age. Openly talk to him in cases of any peer pressure or stressful conditions in their personal life. Be available to your child so that next time when he is in need, he opts for your help and not alcohol.

 Alcohol addiction treatment-

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Do not sadden yourself once you have become wholly engrossed in drinking. Alcohol addiction has a range of treatment plans to benefit your health and life.

  • The first step is to get counselling done to help you reach a reluctant level to drinking. Keep a hands out distance from consuming alcohol after that
  • Medications are also provided by the doctors to help you during your withdrawal symptoms and to ease out your cravings
  • Treatment/ rehabilitation centres, where you are evaluated, diagnosed, given symptomatic treatment, are also an option. Also, treatment centres get you indulged in other activities like meditation to deviate your mind to something better and progressive. A whole team of doctors are available to help you get rid of your addictions. So do not think twice before consulting us for yourself or your loved ones.

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In the treatment centre for alcohol addiction, you have a chance to a new life again. To stop your cravings, go to Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Delhi

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Drug Addiction- Causes and Effects




Looking at a drug addict, we often ponder what might get them addicted to such a lethal substance? Is their power so weak that they cannot leave something that might kill them in the long run? What is the cause of this faulty dependence?

We are still living in an antiquated system where a drug addict is viewed as being unethical and immoral, having no sense of being. Instead, we should try to realize that their struggles help them cope up with the problem. For doing so, we must first know the cause behind this gnawing addiction. 


Drug Addiction Causes

There is no single cause of drug addiction. The causes vary from a person’s personal grievances to the forceful imposition by others.

Childhood Trauma and Violence

A child may be exposed to trauma and domestic violence at an early age hence leaving behind a scar in their mindset. Even in their adulthood, such victims do not show the transparency of talking about their pain. Instead, they take up habitual alternatives like drugs to give themselves a sense of relief and happiness. With continued use, drug addiction becomes yet another problem that these individuals have to face.


drug addiction causes and effects


In the adolescence period, drugs may come in as a ‘wave of newness.’ People resort to consuming medications in such a phase where they would be nagging from the peer pressure and negligence on the part of the parents.

Mental Illness

Mentally disturbed patients, like those dealing with obsession, bipolarity, quickly take the help of these drugs to soothe down the symptoms of their disorders. Sadly, this is only a temporary measure, which in the future comes back as a much higher price for them to pay. Drug abuse aggravates the problems of mentally imbalanced patients.

Lack of Individuality

A lack of individuality in a person can make him take up abusive substances, giving him a sense of power. To keep the continuous flow of this feeling, he consistently indulges himself in drug consumption. With time, the feeling subsides, and the person craves to get that same ‘high again,’ thus, pushing himself now, even more in this dark hole! 


Inability to cope up with stress is another potent reason for drug abuse. Due to the fast-moving era, people want to complete their jobs at an exceeding rate. Being exposed to drugs gives them the sense of that activeness to do all their work speedily. In that effect of the drug, they tend to overachieve. Over time, it so happens that these people are unable to do any work being sober. 

Personal Loss

The loss of a relationship or a loss of a loved one can be the darkest phase in one’s life. People after a breakup nowadays prefer not to choose the conventional method of finishing up a bucket of ice cream but instead dwell on the consumption of drugs. These ‘hallucinating evils’ do give a surge of dopamine overflow, yet, this is very temporary. The long-standing effects of drugs are fatal and not relaxing in any way.

Drug Addiction in India

 The changing cultural values, upcoming stresses of people concerning the economic uncertainties, have made India get caught in this vicious cycle of drug intake.

Did you know that there are 1 million registered addicts in India and over 5 million have not even been reported yet? 


drug addiction causes and effects

The Effects of Drug Addiction

The glorification of drugs is only short-term. Let us see their long-standing effect;

  • Drugs not only cause damaging effects to your physical and mental well-being but also possesses the potential to destroy your relationships. People under the influence of drugs can succumb to such an extent that they overlook people who care about them. Abusive relations come into existence, ultimately causing it to end.
  • The misuse of drugs can lead to a callous attitude. Getting into accidents, not caring about oneself, having suicidal tendencies are all its devastating effects.
  • Lung disease, liver disease, stroke, cancer, and seizures are some of the damaging effects of prolonged drug usage.
  • Drug indulgent people might have consequences like confusion, disturbed sleep, slurred speech, mood swings, etc.

We have seen what drug addiction causes and its effects; they can destroy the one consuming it and the people around them. Please bring it to your duty to help such individuals. People wanting to quit this habit can contact the best Nasha mukti Kendra in India to receive the best care. The people who are already battling the situation can reach out to the best rehab centre in Delhi for help. Moreover, Hopecare India has given a new life to many people, so helping you too would make us more than happy. 


Dr. Deepak Raheja
Sr. Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
President – Delhi Psychiatric Society
Director – Hope Care India