The genesis of HOPE CARE dates back to the year 2004, when moved by the lack of quality mental health services in the country along with the prevalence of outdated and inhuman treatment of the mentally ill, Dr. Deepak Raheja resolved to establish a modern recovery and rehabilitation centre.

A pilot project was developed to test the efficacy of a treatment model based on the best practices around the world after modifying it to suit the Indian context. Combining the medical aspects of psychiatry with his rich experience in hypnotherapy, spiritual counselling and alternate healing practices, Dr. Raheja evolved an eclectic approach to the treatment and care of the mentally ill with results that placed HOPE CARE at the top of mental health treatment centres.

Today, “Institute Hope” stands as the treatment and rehabilitation arm of HOPE CARE. It operates as a dual diagnostic facility and runs several In-patient programs

  • Psychiatric Programs – Mental health and behavioural disorders
  • De -Addiction Programs – Alcohol and substance abuse issues

Additionally, there are Out-Patient Services for milder psychological problems such as marital counselling, depression etc.

“Wellness Hope”, the educative arm of HOPE CARE was set up to take on a pioneering role in society of creating awareness about the importance of mental health. Wellness Hope addresses the concerns of corporate, public service institutions and student organizations through Talks, Interactive Workshops and Focussed Programs.

A compelling desire to include the less fortunate, but equally needy of treatment and support, in the overall effort of improving mental healthcare led to the idea of “Foundation Hope”, the NGO arm of  HOPE CARE. Outreach programs were launched to help street children and homeless adults with preventive care and treatment. Future plans include setting up a facility for the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of the homeless mentally ill persons who have been left to fend for themselves on the streets.

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