All About Drug Addiction & Its Treatment

Addiction to drugs is not a new found problem. This issue have been going on since ages. It is very sad to notice that in spite of its long existence, yet the treatment for drug addiction it still widely required and has claimed a lot of lives all across the globe. Apart from being dangerous and addictive, drugs are also illegal, which again results in increased rate of crime and smuggle.

At Hope Care India, we have been helping people with drug addiction, since 2004. We try to understand the issues and reasons behind every addiction and structure the treatment program accordingly. Let us know a little bit more about drug addiction.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction:

Most of the drug addictions start as experiment. Teenagers are more likely to become victims of drug abuse as they glorify the pleasure or hallucinating effects of the drugs. Many people believe that trying a certain kind of drug is not harmful. However, they are wrong. Once you get used to any kind of drug, you lose the will to stay away from it. And the addiction keeps growing with time. Below are few symptoms that reflect that you are addicted to the drug:

  • Regular usage – this could be weekly, daily or hourly
  • Normal function – You might feel that you cannot think or act normally without using the drug
  • Quantity keep increasing – Regular use of the drug makes the person immune and thus they increase the dose in order to feel the same effect of high
  • Behavioural change – An addict would do anything to get their hands on the drug. Some addicts turn aggressive and resort to stealing and looting money for drugs.

Nevertheless, the symptoms vary from person to person. If you are worried about a family member being addicted to any kind of drug addiction, you need to make a note of the following characteristics:

  • Problems in academic life – Missing classed, poor performance, etc.
  • Health deteriorating – Physical appearance changes, weight loss, poor apatite, etc.
  • Change in behaviour – Becoming anti-social, unable to maintain relationships, aggressive, anxiety, secretive, lacking energy and motivation
  • Need for money – Needing money without any obvious reason, stealing money from home or friends, gambling, etc.

Drug Addiction Treatment at Hope Care

At Hope Care, we believe in bringing good health to one and all. We help and support people to overcome their drug addiction and help them offering reliable drug addiction treatment center in Delhi. If you are concerned with a dear one who is suffering from drug addiction, you need to immediately get in touch with our professionals and let them know the issue. We offer treatment programs that are designed for every patient. We understand the fact that no two addictions can be same. Therefore, we offer different addiction treatments to different patients. Talk to the experienced professionals at Hope Care and let them take care of you.

Author: Dr. Deepak Raheja

Hope Care established under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Raheja, is a Psychiatric Centre of excellence that endeavors to restore hope and well-being to individuals and families afflicted by mental ill-health through comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services. Hopecare seeks to set benchmarks in innovative programs in treatment, care, and education.

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