When you start treatment at Institute Hope, you join the supportive and healing community of HOPE CARE.We are dedicated to helping you pursue a healthier future.

The admission process begins with you getting in touch with our Admissions Coordinator. Your concerns will be addressed and various treatment programs recommended according to your requirements.

Our coordinator will also offer you the option of visiting the In-patient facility of Institute Hope so that you can gather the necessary information about the place where you are thinking of admitting your loved one.

Should you decide to visit the In-patient facility, you shall be given a tour of the centre to answer all your queries regarding the stay and treatment practices. Information about the treating team and a detailed understanding of the case by a trained psychologist would also be given. You are welcome to visit us any number of times to satisfy yourself about the quality of treatment and care we offer.

Once you have made up your mind about admitting your loved one for a treatment program, you shall be required to complete the necessary paper work.

The treating team and staff is dedicated to ensuring complete confidentiality regarding patient information and treatment program.

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