The Hope Care model for treatment

The treatment model at HOPE CARE is based on empathy and unconditional positive regard where the goal is to provide treatment not just for the presenting symptoms, but the underlying factors that drive those symptoms. The treatment is holistic with an eclectic approach to help and prepare all our patients for lifelong recovery with an all-encompassing sense of wellness.

Innovative Therapies

The team at HOPE CARE consists of licensed health professionals who are committed to providing individualized evidence based treatment. This rests on the rationale that each patient is unique and may respond differently to different therapies. Treatment is not text book based application of therapies but incorporates diagnosing and creating action plans that involve out-of-the-box thinking with the objective of resolving the core issue and not just superficial encapsulation of symptoms.

Evidence based practices

To increase the likelihood of better treatment outcomes, different types of therapies are matched with evidence based practices in such a way that both complement each other and create the best suited treatment plan for each individual patient.

Integrative therapies and therapeutic recreational activities are mingled together to create a cohesive treatment plan that instills a specific skill set that will help them achieve a positive sense of self.

Clinical Therapies
Integrative Therapies
Acupuncture, Massage Therapy/ Reiki Therapy/ Yoga

In-house Physician

At Institute Hope we have a medical team of trained nurses who are available 24/7. Our in-house physician ensures that patient care is looked into round the clock and is coordinated with the entire clinical team. The conjunction of the medical and clinical team makes sure that each patient receives the highest quality of care and nurturing required for healing to take place.

Family Involvement

When an individual is afflicted with an addiction or behavioral health disorder, his or her family members are considerably affected as well. For this reason we know that family involvement is critical to the success of the overall recovery process. Families of those who are entrusted in our care are given an opportunity to learn about addictions and mental health disorders and to discuss issues that have concerned them for years. They learn the skills needed to resolve their own issues and develop self-care techniques. A therapist works with all family members providing support and education specific to the patient’s issues.

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