Patients who are referred for in-patient treatment often feel confused and distressed by the illness itself, the intervention of crisis teams, and sometimes involuntary admission to hospital. Family members can inadvertently increase the sense of powerlessness by being overprotective. We at Hope Care India believe it is important that the patient’s dignity is not disabled through the process of engaging with the treatment system, and that the patient is treated with respect and as an adult at all times.

Crisis Intervention

Individuals afflicted with mental illness /personality issues/ addiction may be a threat to their own safety and also to those of others around them. Sometimes they may act out in ways that may require immediate management and hospitalization. Our team of mental health professionals and staff, who are trained to handle such emergency situations, provide intervention at all times on intimation. A team of professionals assists in getting the patient from their residence to the treatment facility, post all necessary paper work is completed by the family.

Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and drug use is a behavioral pattern in which the use of a drug is given a much higher priority than other behaviors that once had higher value. Dependence on a substance is marked by a cluster of cognitive, physiological and behavioral symptoms indicating that the individual continues active use of the substance despite significant problems in relationships, physicalhealth or occupational difficulties.

Detoxification for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Medical management of withdrawals with appropriate supervision and monitoring of patients is provided. The patients are put under observation and constant changes in their symptoms are dealt with periodic reviews in medication. Appetite, adequate sleep and rest are a focus during this phase of treatment

Specialized Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling including Twelve Step Facilitation

Therapy for addiction draws strongly on the psycho-spiritual principles laid down by the Twelve Steps. A combination of these with application of clinical techniques such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, etc tailor made to suit individual patient’s needs make for a powerhouse amalgamation of strategies for treatment.

Relapse Prevention for Addiction Recovery

Relapse occurs due to a complex distortion of myriad of thoughts which propel a vulnerable addict to get into dysfunctional patterns of behavior, wherein active use of the substance is re-initiated after a period of sobriety. It is therefore important to arm a recovering addict with appropriate tools and techniques to put into action to prevent a relapse. Several Clinical Therapies are used in combination to increase the addict’s awareness of the cunning, baffling, powerful nature of the illness.

Group Therapy for Addiction

Group Therapy is very impactful in the treatment of Addiction. Research indicates that individuals who suffer and have analogous issues tend to correlate better with each other while discussing their problems in a group setting and this helps them in their recovery.

Relaxation Therapy , Yoga and Meditation

To connect better with the inner self and work through core issues in the recesses of one’s personality, one requires mental strength and agility. Yoga and meditation helps a recovering individual achieve this. Inner peace and tranquility can help a recovering individual achieve physical and psychological growth.

Drama Therapy and Art Based Therapies

Drama Therapy allows for free expression of emotions and helps the clinician in reaching out to the patient. It allows facilitates a break from the monotony of core clinical therapy sessions.

Treatment for Mental Illnesses

Therapy for all mental illnesses and behavioral aberrations are provided both on an individual therapy basis as well as in group setting. Case formulation and conceptualization, monitoring of symptoms, using clinical therapeutic skills to encapsulate the symptoms, social skills training that includes improving communication skills, maintaining hygiene with activity scheduling and crisis intervention are all provided in the in-patient services at Hope Care India.

Treatment for Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a disease of the brain that manifests itself with multiple signs and symptoms involving thought,perception, emotion and behavior. This can have devastating effects if not treated and leave the suffering individual in a state of deterioration that causes unmanageability. At Hope Care, the mental health professionals control the overt symptoms by medication. However, the associated psychiatric disability requires ongoing psychosocial rehabilitation and support in the community. This is provided through integrated rehabilitation services such as psychological treatments(cognitive behavior therapy), psychoeducation about the illness, family therapy, specific skills development and help to learn how best to manage and come to terms with the illness.

Treatment for Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders incorporate psychiatric conditions in which pathological moods and related psychomotor disturbances dominate the clinical picture. The symptoms are a marked departure from a person’s habitual functioning and tend to recur in a cyclical fashion. Along with pharmacotherapy the in-patient services at Hope Care India provide various services for reintegration of individuals suffering from Mood Disorders. Loss of Self-confidence is one of the first fatalities of a psychotic episode, accompanied by the feeling of loss of control over one’s life. Treatment at Hope Care helps individuals to develop and achieve realistic goals. An essential component of reintegration is an environment that promotes the individual’s sense of control. We at Hope Care help the patients to pick up the threads of their lives and start over again.

Treatment of Phobias and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders are a class of disorders that are characterized by unexpected panic attacks, worry and free floating anxiety.Once the symptoms are stabilized through medication the patient is inducted into therapy sessions.Treatment aims to address anxiety-inducing thoughts and the emotional, cognitive and behavioral reactions. Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Engagement Therapy as well as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy are approaches used with this group of disorders. Addressing the distorted thoughts, helping patients replace them with functional thoughts, realistic consideration of work and practical steps in preparation, displacing the vacuum created by the illness through positive activities such as drama therapy, music therapy, pottery, yoga/ meditation, sportsetc andlistening to family members and including them in the “treatment process” whenever appropriate are a few in-patient services offered at Hope Care India

Treatment of Personality Disorders

At Hope Care India we offer both pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy to treat personality disorders. Treatment aims at inculcating skills that enable patients to manage the behavioral, emotional, cognitive and interpersonal effects of the illness and to apply the understanding in their everyday lives and social interaction. The goal is not to only encapsulate the symptoms but to work on the individual as a whole.

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