Hope Care offers alcohol treatment center where one can avail complete freedom from the intoxication. The treatment includes medical detoxing, counseling and after care treatment. The professionals at Hope Care understand the fact that being addicted to alcohol may have various reasons.

We help people overcome their addiction for alcohol with qualified treatment programs where we try and understand the reason behind the addiction. Alcohol is prevalent in our culture, since time immemorial. Drinking alcohol occasionally is not harmful. However, the day when you can’t live without it, you know you are addicted to it.

As the very first step, our professionals try to get the alcohol out of the person’s body. People who suffer from severe alcohol addiction face painful and intense withdrawal symptoms. Thus, they require good supervision and at times medication to bare the withdrawal symptoms. Some of the common alcohol withdrawal symptoms are sweating, shivering, seizures and even hallucination.

Common medications that we prescribe our patients are Acamprosate, Naltrexone, Disulfiram, etc. We also offer inpatient rehabilitation for alcoholic patients where we provide them with round the clock personalized care. This is one of the best choices for complete recovery. This type of treatment may last from one to six months. The time, however, depends on the will of the patient. The stronger the will to get rid of the addiction, the lesser time it requires getting out of it.

In our inpatient treatment programs we offer the patient behavioural therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Here, we try to encourage the patient to react to his stresses in a different way. People get addicted to mental stress most of the times. Thus, we try to distract them into doing something else. We also offer group and individual counseling, experiential therapies and skill development workshop.

If you think alcohol is ruining your life and also the life of your family members, you need to get help from the experts. Talk to our professionals and get free from your addiction.

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