Hope Care India has experienced professionals who provide result oriented drug and alcohol treatment in Delhi. Our professionals evaluate and try to understand the reason behind the addiction. We offer our patients customised treatment program as we understand that every patient is different and should be treated differently. We also organise group therapies for patients to feel more comfortable and less awkward.

The types of drug and alcohol addiction treatments that we offer at Hope Care are given below:

– Outpatient Treatment

Under this treatment we offer the patients drug education, life skills training, personal counseling, therapies, detox programs and also after care programs. The duration of the treatment programs depends on the intensity of the addiction.

– Day Treatment Programs

Sometimes the intensity of the addiction gets too strong. Under this situation, our experts provide regular supervision. We at times suggest partial hospitalization to patients who require intensive care.

– Residential Treatment

This treatment is for patients with more serious addiction who require round the clock treatment. These addicted patients are kept under 24-hour care situation and are offered group counseling sessions, detox monitoring, psychiatric therapy, withdrawal care, life skills workshop and more.

– Intensive Inpatient Hospitalization

This is a full time treatment which are hospital based and are structured for patients who have already given up on substance abuse and find it impossible to get out of it on their own. These patients are supervised round the clock as they tend to harm themselves while facing during the withdrawal symptoms.

Therefore, if you want to come out of your addiction or if you are looking to help someone with drug and alcohol treatment in Delhi, you need to get in touch with us and share your concerns. We bring to you treatment programs that are sure to help you to come out of the dreadful addiction and help you lead a happy and healthy life.


De addiction centre in Delhi says Florida has the highest drug rehab success rate compared to all other states. More than 70 percent of people receiving addiction treatment in Florida successfully complete their treatment programs.

According to De addiction centre in Delhi Residential treatment programs provide intensive support for youth with severe emotional and behavior problems. While receiving residential treatment, children live temporarily outside their homes and in a facility where they can be supervised and monitored by trained staff.
Drug de addiction centre in Delhi is a better alternative to jail time for many people struggling with addiction. For drug offenses it is important to compare rehab versus jail time given those in the system. People struggling with drug abuse and drug addiction are more likely to end up with drug charges.
Drug de addiction centre in Delhi experts report a slightly higher success rate of between 8% and 12%. A New York Times article stated that AA claims that up to 75% of its members live in moderation. Alcoholic Anonymous ‘Big Book’ reported a 50% success rate, stating that 25% remain calm even after some remnants.