Hope Care offer reliable and assured solution for drug addiction. The drug treatment center homes few of the best doctors, psychiatrists and therapists of the age. The professionals offer treatment for drugs and substance abuse that are customized according to the addict and the kind of addiction. The state of art model for de‐addiction treatments at our clinic comes with wide array of specialists and facilities.

Hope Care centre has experienced multi-disciplinary faculty and staff who hold the calibre of offering various treatment programs meant for different kind of addiction. We offer help for addiction like, Heroin, Alcohol, Opioids, Cannabis, Tobacco, etc. Our professionals are also skilled in offering behavioural counseling to patients suffering from depression, schizophrenia, ADHD and more.

At Hope Care, we include both pharmacological (i.e. with medications) and non-pharmacological (i.e. psychological / social) treatment programs. We hold extended experience in providing wide array of solutions to addiction problems across the country and abroad. Our clinical care makes sure that the patients receive reliable after treatment care for complete recovery. We also believe in spreading mental wellness to the patients’ relatives and friends, in order help them cope with the patient and also help the patient in recovering.

We also offer skill training and life skill training programs for patients who find it difficult to face the real world and perform according to the general norms of the society. We bring people training schedules, modalities and resource materials for training.

Therefore, if you or any of your known ones are suffering from drug addiction and want to get out of it, you need to talk to our experts immediately and book your appointment. Our experts are sure to help you out and help you quit your addiction. No matter what drug you are addicted to, we have a treatment for it. Our treatment programs are customized according to the type of addiction.

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