How heroin addiction is ruining your life?

No one can predict that the one-time use of an illicit drug can change your entire life into something else. You must have never calculated what are the effects of heroin? Most often, people who indulge in drugs do so to be a part of a group due to mental stress, family upbringing, unwanted tensions, fallen economy, and plenty of other reasons. They think that using a drug once or two times will make them feel alive and will take them away from that tense lifestyle.

The use of heroin is one such temporary outlet of their situation, but here you will have an overview of the reality of heroin, what are the effects of heroin, and how it can change both your physical and mental well-being.

Heroin is a highly addictive substance, and even though anyone would claim that they would use the drug once or twice for their benefit, it cannot be so. You may never understand as to what are the effects of heroin entirely. Heroin has the potential to make even the functional users get obsessed with it.

What are the effects of heroin?

The physical health problems that you face with taking heroin daily-

Heroin can alter your life both in short-term effects as well as long-term. While taking heroin injections, you may get collapsed nerves, ulcers, abscesses and may even face death as its ultimate side effect. Loss of appetite and weight loss can be counted as the effects that heroin can cause on your body even with minimal usage. Sharing heroin needles increases your chances of acquiring HIV aids. People in this zone are more prone to kidney diseases, lung diseases as well as heart diseases; thereby, in short, heroin users will untimely end up in hospital beds making their life and organs highly fatal. So be it due to the short-term effects or long-term, you are bound to suffer.

What are the effects of heroin on mental health?

Thinking ability starts to differ when you begin the usage of heroin-

Long-term use of heroin is so life-threatening that it may also result in changing the shape of your brain and not only bring minor hormonal changes that result in mood fluctuations. You will be in a position where your mind starts to think and interpret things in a negative light.

What are the effects of heroin on on few other factors?

Other potential effects involve;

  • There is a detrimental effect on the brain’s rewarding center.
  • The white matter in the brain becomes dysfunctional.
  • Happy or positive hormones in the body like serotonin, dopamine ceases to secrete an inadequate amount.

Due to the less secretion of these hormones, an addict of heroin mostly cannot remain happy and satisfied in their life. Mostly these people tend to stay unhappy and have frequent mood changes. Where normal people have some positive attitude in their day-to-day life when they overcome anything significant or challenging, heroin addicts are far from any such experiences. The only emotion that they face is unhappiness and staying discontent.

With white matter deteriorating on a daily basis, these people lose the ability to think logically. Did you know that heroin is so risky that slowly it starts to make its users lose their control and become solely involved in just acquiring the drug?

People forget they have a personal and a professional life where they should be involved; instead of that, all they think about is taking heroin from any place regardless of the risk they have to face. Therefore such people are more prone to unethical behavior and also make risky life choices to subdue their urges as other potential effects.

What are the effects of heroin in personal and professional life?

The effect of heroin in your personal and professional life-

Due to the shift in priority, from leading an everyday life to an addicted life, heroin consumers only think about the drug and keep their distance from their family and friends.

There is no way left for these people to get help from their close ones as they do not let anyone come near to them. All they think and want is to induce this drug in their life daily, for which they can go up to any extent.

Highly forgetful nature becomes another criterion that may bring in a lot of troubles. They can forget important dates, arrive late for work, become irresponsible, and leave all other things that carry meaning for something completely pointless and worthless.

Trust issues get broken; there is an image transformation as heroin addicts try to even steal from their family members, relatives, or close ones to keep the addiction in their life. As their professional life faces ill effects, they cannot afford the drug as a form of their daily dosage. Hence, this results in them trying to steal so that they can buy the drug and keep themselves operating at the cost of hurting their loved ones.

Now that you have known what are the effects of heroin, it is time to know some of the facts about it.

Few Facts-

  • A study in 2019 revealed that around 19.18% of the overall death that occurred was solely due to the reason of heroin consumption.
  • The increasingly high demand for heroin comes from the fact that it is readily available and cheap compared to other drug forms.
  • Researchers have found out that the misuse of prescription dosage of drugs has led to the increasingly high demand for heroin.
  • Heroin addiction and withdrawal symptoms are a common issue these days. Yet, it needs to be understood that taking this drug cannot be abruptly stopped as the addicts may then suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Heroin addiction and withdrawal are not easy. Talk to a doctor if you are one of them who wants to stop heroin usage but is unable to do so and understand what are the effects of heroin doing to you. Remember that despising yourself for getting addicted is not a way out of the situation. You cannot suddenly stop using such potent drugs. This can only be done under the surveillance of experts who will help you throughout your journey. Hopecare is a call away in time of need!

The only way to help these people is to forcefully make them involved in medical treatment as well as therapy. Make them see what are the effects of heroin going to them. OnIy a dual form of treatment can help them come out of this clingy nature of addiction. It is mandated that if you know of anyone getting involved in such high-risk drugs, you take the right step in making them get back their life. Therapy centers like Hopecare which is the best rehab center in Delhi  are always open for such people to help and initiate a new move in their new life. Call now at 91-9311112377 to book an appointment so that you can save your loved ones before they lose everything in life.

Difference between Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

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Questions that might have struck your mind after reading the heading could be:

1: Isn’t drug abuse and drug addiction the same thing?
2: What are the leading causes and effects of drug abuse or drug addiction?
3: Does drug overdose lead to death?

The above questions and all the rest you are thinking about are all rational. Findings show that the harmful effects of drugs consume around 8.5 lakh people in India. It is not much of a surprise, if you too, are worried about the impact of a drug that has come down upon someone you love.

Drug Abuse v/s Drug Addiction

We may misinterpret drug abuse to be drug addiction or vice versa. But, there is a clear difference between drug abuse and drug addiction.
Drug abuse is the precursor to drug addiction. Being highly engaged in consuming drugs can negatively affect physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. This is what drug-abusing means.
Talking about drug addiction, have you ever seen a person going on a rampant parade if drugs are denied to him? He seeks cures in every nook and corner. Drug addicts go up to the extent of even stealing to afford their daily dose. Even after knowing its harmful impact, one is unable to stop himself from taking drugs. This is, thus, a mental disorder to keep repeating the same behavior, in this context… consuming drugs!

drug addiction causes and effects

Damage of drug abuse

Drug abuse can have immense potential in changing to drug addiction.
Ask yourself if your tendency to taking drugs has increased and you crave it day long. This is not a good sign. Although drugs must have started for a recreational purpose, there will be inclinations of consuming more and more medications due to a heavy increase in the dosage.
Drug abuse can cause a lack of interest in things that you previously enjoyed. Either you cannot perform well sober, or there is no fascination left to do any task.
Cocooning yourself within the clenching effects of drugs, you will start being more distant from your family members and friends. Drugs increase the levels of apathy in a person.

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People under the abusing effects of drugs are not capable of maintaining a decent physical appearance. Abrupt loss and gain of weight is a common symptom.
Physical manifestations are; bloodshot eyes, swollen face, marks of injections, change in skin tone color.
An erratic sleeping pattern is another damage caused due to drug abuse. The person is either sleeping way too much, or none at all.
Also, notice if you see a change in yourself. Sudden mood swings, feeling gloomy, troubled, and annoyed are its outcomes, putting all your peace in jeopardy.


Addiction and its effects

Addiction to drugs can have an uncontrollable upshot to oneself. It can make a person break all barriers to get himself a drug dose. Yes, it can be that invasive! The long-term duration of taking drugs degenerates all your body systems. You may also undergo stress, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts if you are an addict. What are the other effects of this ‘mind-controlling substance?’

  • Having the urge to inject oneself even after knowing its lashing effects
  • Changes in the functioning of the brain start as a predisposing factor to the consumption of drugs
  • Abusive relationships between family and friends
  • Damage to the entire bodily functions
  • Risk of heart attack
  • Strokes and seizures
  • Abdominal pain, vomiting
  • Imbalance in the social wellbeing of oneself
  • Crash in the finances
  • Self afflicted pain and misery
  • Permanent brain damage

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As we have seen, drug abuse not only creates drama in one’s life but also causes strain amongst the people who are a part of the drug addict’s life.
If you are struggling to overcome your addictions or know anyone who has fallen into this ‘deep pit hole.’ Mark it as your duty to offer a helping hand. In your case, step down from the ‘artificially high’ you have built around yourself and face reality. Drugs can cause a marring effect in your life. Ask for help by contacting the;
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Also, the best nasha mukti kendra in India is there for your help if you cannot leave your addiction.

Know that we are here for you, to give you a new life and to give new meaning to your life.