The programs offered include the treatment of all mental disorders that may present themselves in varied forms. Usually these involve a state of the mind wherein the diagnosed individual appears to have lost contac with reality. Such individuals have significant personality changes and thought disorder.

From smiling and muttering to themselves to believing that they are being spied upon and preferring to keep away from human contact are some ways in which psychosis (Schizophrenia) presents itself. Sometimes the illness can manifest itself in the form of severe mood swings where the individual’s mood seems to swing between two polarities. So essentially the individual is either very hyper, having racing thoughts and behaveslike there is a motor attached to him/her, or is extremely sad and melancholic for no significant reason and seems to have lost the zest for life (Bipolar Affective Disorder) Depending on its severity, this may alsoinclude unusual or bizarre behavior and difficulties with social interaction, maintaining hygiene/personal grooming and facing difficulties in carrying out basic daily life activities. This condition rendersthe individual dysfunctional and they and their lives become unmanageable. Interventions in the form of medication and psychotherapy are strongly recommended for such individuals.

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