The treatment process and the stay is engineered to make the patients feel comfortable and empower them to be a part in their recovery process. To keep this process going we use visits and phone calls as positive reinforcement that enhances motivation. The visits/phone calls must be coordinated with the psychologists by the family. Recommendations for and against the visits/phone calls shall be made by the psychologist depending on the patient’s mental status. However, if the family, still desires to speak/meet with the patient, it can be facilitated.
The In-Patient treatment stay is designed to help the patient introspect and it is an opportunity to look within and begin the process of making internal changes. The patient’s illness impacts not just the patient but also extends to the family members who also suffer from emotional scarring. At a time when the patient is trying to make changes, we strongly recommend that they should be kept away from any additional emotional stressors that can come about with the family’s emotional loading since they too are carrying baggage. Hence, it is recommended that no family member should stay along with the patient during the In-Patient treatment. Eventually, the treatment package includes family therapy sessions which are incorporated into the treatment line depending upon the patient’s individualised treatment goals.
Yes home-visits are an option of treatment that our centre offers. It incorporates crisis intervention and basic assessment of the patient’s symptoms. Depending on this assessment the examining therapist can make a recommendation for treatment at the Out-Patient Department or In-Patient facility.
We cater to all age groups above 18 years irrespective of gender.
We have an in-house medical team, which is available on the premises round the clock. All patients are regularly attended to and their physical wellbeing is kept well monitored. The medical team is extra vigilant in case of patients who have a significant medical history and are vulnerable. The medical team tries to ensure that all medical anomalies are handled at an initial stage itself, so that emergencies can be deterred. However, if the patient requires to be taken to a hospital, our team is very prompt and does not waste any time in taking such a decision. The family is immediately informed and the patient is taken to the nearest hospital or to the hospital of choice of the family, if requested.
The medical supervision and monitoring of our patients is under the charge of our in-house physician Dr. Pradeep Vats and his medical team, comprising of licensed nurses who stand committed to providing quality services and care. All medical referrals made by our medical team are handled by the centre and the designated staff accompanies the patient for these referrals to different doctors and hospitals. We willingly accommodate the family’s choice of hospital/doctor for such referrals.
Yes, we do have services for family/couple therapy and for children from the age 6 years and above. These services are provided on an out- patient basis. Depending upon the case requirement, sessions are scheduled at a frequency of 2 to 4 sessions per week.
Yes the centre is well-equipped to cater for foreign nationals. We follow strict procedure and protocol for documentation of the treatment process and also keep the respective embassy informed.
Rehabilitation is the relearning of certain life skills that allows an individual to re-integrate into mainstream life following a long drawn period or an acute phase of mental illness.
During the in-patient treatment process, rehabilitation focuses on helping the patient achieve a functional routine by initiating behavioural activation. Maintaining hygiene, improving interpersonal relationships and cognitive stimulation through engagement in specific activities like pottery, art, drama, music, dance movement therapy are a part of the process of rehabilitation. Once the patient is stabilized, the treating team also helps the patient by providing vocational guidance, career counselling. Once discharged, the treating team provides supportive therapy to cope with the external daily life stressors and rekindling of leisure activities that were overwhelming due to the illness.
Treatment is based on an eclectic approach and incorporates an integration of various therapies. We have different treatment packages to suit individual client requirements. Even though the packages may differ, the philosophy of treatment remains constant through all sections. We shall be happy to provide you with all the details when you contact our Admissions Counselor.
Yes, treatment fee for the package is usually taken in advance. You shall be required to pay this amount at the time of admission in Cash/Demand Draft /Credit Card. The accounts department shall be happy to assist you through this process.
Yes, the payment of each module can be done separately. One module though we offer special discounts if all the modules are pre booked and paid at the time of admission.
At this point the new bill is looking to cover the mental health insurance in purview of insurance policies. Though this is still speculative, we do not offer any cashless plan or deal with any insurance companies .We are happy to issue you all the bills and sign any documents if it facilitates to give you reimbursement from any agency.
Yes, private rooms are available. We offer comfortable living with A/C, Fridge, TV in this package. If required, a private attendant is also provided on demand or keeping in view the condition of the patient.
An inpatient experience allows you the opportunity to work on your personal issues for a significant amount of time without the distractions or interruptions of daily life. By immersing yourself in treatment, you are able to get to the root of issues and restructure your life in a supportive, nurturing and healing environment. Institute Hope uses an eclectic therapeutic approach that gives each patient the highest likelihood of ongoing recovery.
Detoxification is largely a medical procedure to handle and manage withdrawals that occur when use of substance is suddenly stopped. Ranging from physical symptoms to autonomic hyperactivity to extreme mood swings, the withdrawals are managed through pharmacotherapy. The patient is under observation and supervision of the medical team present round the clock. Since intensive management is required during detoxification and extra effort is put in by our medical team, the detoxification cost is extra and differs according to the different packages.
Institute Hope offers de-addiction treatment modules that are organized as 3 six week modules. After the completion of each six week module the patient is discharged and recommended to return to complete the remaining modules for effective treatment outcome. The aim of the treatment is to make the patient feel empowered to be a part of the recovery process. The promotion from one module to another is dependent on the objective progress of the patient.
Institute Hope offers psychiatric treatment as follows
ACUTE PHASE – 24hrs to 10 days to manage the specified symptoms as presenting in the crisis phase.
TREATMENT and REHABILITATION – a period not less than three to six months is recommended.
In case the patient has a relapse after the initial treatment phase he/she will be re-inducted back into treatment for the second round of rebooting wherein the patient shall be subjected to Intensive Psychosocial Intervention. The line of therapy will be reformulated to suit individual patient needs keeping in mind the external variables at play.
After Care Program incorporates day care at Institute Hope. The patient is required to reach the centre at 9 am and stay till 6 pm. During this time the patient shall continue with clinical sessions along with the activity sessions. Day care is strongly recommended because the In-patient stay is a sterile environment with no overt stressors. Once discharged the patient is exposed to all kinds of stress ranging from coping with cravings, handling inter-personal relationships, getting back into main stream life to starting work all over again. To help the patient make a smooth transition into living more resourcefully, being in touch with the treating team is highly recommended.
Yes, refund is provided. Treatment charges shall be based on the number of days of stay along with the additional costs like path lab investigations, non psychiatric medications and miscellaneous expenses.
Sure you may bring your laptop/phone. In the initial days of admission our focus is to help the patient to settle down and get oriented to the treatment program. To make sure the patient does not lose focus on recovery and the desired progress is achieved, laptop/phone is allowed intermittently.
Yes, smoking is permitted. However there’s a stipulation in the number of cigarettes allowed per day. Also, smoking is restricted to designated areas.
Yes, we do cater for special dietary needs. We serve both vegetarian /non vegetarian meals. Our In-house nutritionist devises meals as per individual requirements. Each patient is also allowed to order in once a week.
Treatment is a process where the patient is most likely to confront challenges. The success of the treatment depends on the patient’s and his/her family’s resilience and perseverance in overcoming them. The team at Institute Hope stands committed in supporting each patient through his/her journey.
We have a 93% success rate over 12 years as per analysis of the treatment records of discharged patients. The instance where treatment has not met the desired success rate is when the patient and the family have left the program incomplete.
Addiction is a recurring compulsion in an individual to engage in a specific activity. The term is often reserved for alcohol and drug addictions but is also applied for gambling, compulsive overeating, compulsive shopping, sex addiction and Internet addiction. Factors responsible in precipitating addictions are genetic, biological, pharmacological and social in nature. Addiction is treated like a disorder because it involves multiple behavioural issues that appear as a syndrome. Treatment focuses on not just creating abstinence but working holistically on the patient’s personality incorporating his thinking, attitudes and behaviour. The use of alcohol or drug is merely a symptom of the illness.
Nature and nurture play a role in addiction. Biological differences make someone more or less vulnerable to addiction. Addiction is due to genetic predisposition and poor coping skills.
The Twelve Step Program is based on psycho-spiritual principles that offer a way of life. They include twelve steps that aid an addict on the path of recovery and bring about a transition in life. They are not based on anything concerned with religion but provide simple tools of living that rely on the fellowship of people who share their experience and offer support as a part of the process of recovery.
Yes, visitors are allowed. The visits must be coordinated with the concerned therapist. The therapist would advise on the day and duration of the visit.
Yes, we do offer arrangements for travel. Please get in touch with our coordinator for the same.
We suggest you bring ‘smart casual’, easily maintained clothes for everyday use. Casual wear and trainers are recommended for use during fitness sessions and sensible footwear is needed for walking in the grounds. We provide a laundry service for patients with a minimal charge. Please bring night wear and toiletries for your stay.
We prefer that patients focus on their treatment than chores. However patients are required to keep their rooms tidy and be respectful and responsible members of the therapeutic community.
Day and night there are nurses and a doctor continually on call.
All the doctors and therapists meet the best laid standards of clinical expertise. We also ensure regular training of all doctors and therapists to ascertain that all patients are dealt with the most empathetic and compassionate expertise.
Yes, we admit women patients and we have a separate wing for them. We have trained women staff who take care of their living requirements. Besides this, there is security at the campus at all times.
The day at Institute Hope starts at 7.00am with Yoga followed by breakfast, grooming and medication. The first Clinical Group starts at 10.00am.
11.30 – 12:30 – Activity Session
15:00 – 16:00 – Clinical Group
17:00 – 19:00 – Sports
19:30 – 20:30 – AA Meeting
20:45 – 22:00 – Dinner
22:30 – Lights Out
While we prioritize symptom management and clinical treatment we are also sensitive to our patient’s occupational commitments. We stand committed to our patients in all ways.
Yes we do admit patients who are violent/ involuntary by using a sensitive, empathic approach. We manage difficult patients medically. The compassionate philosophy of our work and the healing environment helps in converting “Treatment Resistant patients to Treatment Responsive ones”.
Yes, willingness plays a crucial role in making the journey towards functionality easier as the patient cooperates at every step with the treating team.
The family is an integral part of the treatment process. In coordination with their therapist patients are encouraged to invite family members and/or significant others to participate in the treatment process. Family members are provided opportunities to learn about different diseases and disorders plus time to process the years of pain brought on by addiction or behavioral issues. Continuing care recommendations are given to family members to support their ongoing recovery.
The In-Patient treatment stay is designed to help the patient introspect and it is an opportunity to look within and begin the process of making internal changes. The patient’s illness impacts not just the patient but also extends to the family members who also suffer from emotional scarring. At a time when the patient is trying to make changes, we strongly recommend that they should be kept away from any additional emotional stressors that can come about with the family’s emotional loading since they too are carrying baggage. Hence, it is recommended that no family member should stay along with the patient during the In-Patient treatment. Eventually, the treatment package includes.
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