At Hopecare India we provide best and reputed rehab in Delhi .Our rehabilitation specialists including experienced and certified therapists, and other team members provide best and quality care to end your drug and alcohol addiction.

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Dr Deepak Raheja

Dr. Deepak Raheja is a senior Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist who has been associated with the field of mental health for over a decade.He currently heads the Departments of Psychiatry at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon, Sama Nursing Home and Aashlok Hospital in Delhi and is a senior consultant Psychiatrist to many diplomatic missions and a Senior Advisor to many Media Houses including CNN, IBN, NDTV, Doordarshan , Hindustan Times, Times Of India etc.

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Dr. Deepak Raheja, a renowned psychiatrist, with a team of well qualified and experienced professionals at HOPE CARE, he is a philanthropist and reaches out to help society in areas of mental health awareness & education, support group management, patient diagnosis & treatment, and programs for in-patient care.

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rehab in delhi


rehab in delhi

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rehab in delhi

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rehab in delhi

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rehab in delhi

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Dr Deepak Raheja is the best psychologist in Delhi. The ultimate aim of Dr. Deepak Raheja with HOPE CARE is to help diminish and eventually eradicate the stigma associated with mental health care and well-being through its resources, and with the support of the community at large.
Hopecare India has the best rehab in Delhi. We have reputed rehab in Delhi for drugs and alcohol addiction. We help drug and alcohol addicts to live a good and stress free life.
We envision a leading role in the community and country for establishing the supreme importance of mental health care and well being, and instilling respect and compassion for patients.


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