When should you enroll in a drug de-addiction center?

When should you enroll in a drug de-addiction center

An addict will never walk up and say he needs help or wants to go to a de-addiction center.

However, in some scenarios, when the excessive usage of drugs leads to a fallen lifestyle, relationship, and health, with great challenges, can an addict see through the ill effects of drugs. 

When should you enroll in a drug de-addiction center

Also, with caring family members and close ones, an addicted person can be motivated to alter a debilitating lifestyle into a reformed and healthy living.

The first step to clear is to decide on a change in your life. After crossing this hurdle, you are at last on your path to recovery and on the lookout for opportunities to overcome your substance use disorders.

Fact: According to the National Drug Survey, only 10% of patients suffering from drug addiction have received treatment!

Be it the reluctance to proper treatment or a vast discrepancy between the number of patients and the rehab centers; the ultimate result is that only a small size of the population actually takes that leap of faith to undergo the therapy.

What is a drug de-addiction center?

When should you enroll in a drug de-addiction center

One of the many sad realities is that most people are unaware of how to get rid of drug addiction. They do not have the knowledge that there are proper de-addiction centers set up only for their guidance and help.

So what is a drug de-addiction center, and what does it do?

When should you enroll in a drug de-addiction center

The de-addiction centers are a single roof destination where medical and psychotherapeutic treatment is offered to patients having substance dependency. 

Planning to recover from drug addiction is in itself a big achievement. But how do you realize that you actually need a rehab center?

De-addiction centers are the answer to your ‘ How to cure drug addiction?’ question.

To judge if you are a candidate for a rehab center, tick mark the below-given checklist;

  • The lack of control from abstaining from drugs.
  • Taking drugs at dangerous levels.
  • Worsening health and relationships status.
  • Degrading level of tolerance.
  • Having withdrawal symptoms.
  • The loss of interest and zeal from everything that you liked before.
  • Incapability to fulfill responsibilities.
  • Having the desire to quit drugs but unable to do so.
  • Spending a significant amount of time trying to acquire the drugs.
  • Cravings that do not get satiated.

If you show more than 5 of the above-listed problems, you fall under the severe category of a drug abuser. Thus, it is high time you consider how to recover from drug addiction

There are chances that your addiction will worsen

When should you enroll in a drug de-addiction center

Per se, you are a mild drug abuser, and you tick marked only two of the above criteria. So, therefore, you pacify yourself and come to the decision that you require no exterior help.

Note that you are a mild, moderate, or severe drug abuser; external help is foremost vital to stop the further declination of your health. Do not take drug addiction to be a ‘ plaything’.… Something that you just try or use due to peer pressure.

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. That said, similar to diabetes or hypertension, your condition may worsen if active steps are not taken to control your doses.

Yes, the progressive disease tends to take you to the rock bottom level. But that in no way means you should not take the upper hand over your addiction and change your life for the better. Always remember it’s never too late to start caring for yourself.

When should you enroll in a drug de-addiction center

What is your best option to fight addiction?

Of course, a de-addiction center!

Since distinguished and trained experts come together to help you get rid of your addiction through medicated means, this is the best and the most trusted option for any person suffering from addiction.

To beat your addiction, you have to not only work on your physical dependency but also your behavioral problems. Anything degrading that comes along with your addiction has to be also treated. For example, maybe you have become a very aggressive person by nature after consuming drugs, or you have gone into depression and have suicidal thoughts.

A de-addiction center makes sure that you recover from all the perspectives. Addiction has to do a lot with the psychological aspect of the mind; thus, overcoming substance abuse requires professional help for a favorable clinical outcome.

How to know which is the best rehab for you?

When should you enroll in a drug de-addiction center

The right choice of a de-addiction center is your first small victory over the big battle you are about to fight.

Here are some points to consider while enrolling yourself in a drug de-addiction center.

  • The entire staff in the rehab should be highly qualified in the medical field to treat you through psychotherapy and also resolve your physical changes issues like gaining weight, bloodshot eyes, feeling of tiredness.
  • Addiction can often come back. Relapses are typical when we observe a person who was a victim of addiction. Therefore the de-addiction center must ensure your well-being even after you get discharged.
  • Before choosing the rehab, take a note of the success rate of people who have diligently come out of their addiction habits in that rehab.
  • Go through genuine reviews of the de-addiction center to understand how the system functions, its effectiveness, and care in treating a patient.

The pointers mentioned above will help you in deciding what is best for you. 

Once you decide to become sober, getting professional help is the best thing to opt for. Once you begin your journey of recovery, it is crucial; you alter your thought process, your emotions, and your behavioral tendencies as well.

Addiction is a clenching illness that might not leave you quickly. But with dedication, a steady support system, and a medically assisting team, things will surely turn towards the positive side.

The importance of a de-addiction center cannot be compensated. Hope Care is one such center that provides treatment, care, and support at an individualized level to recover the patient.

When should you enroll in a drug de-addiction center

The goal of Hope Care does not end with the treatment phase of the patient, but it stretches till the patient shows no relapses in the long run.

Call now at  91-9311112377 to get expert help because Hope Care believes if addiction can be a lifelong companion… we will be the patient’s unmoving support!

Author: Dr. Deepak Raheja

Hope Care established under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Raheja, President at Delhi Psychiatric Society is a psychiatric center of excellence that endeavors to restore hope and well-being to individuals and families afflicted by mental ill-health through comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services. Hopecare seeks to set benchmarks in innovative programs in treatment, care, and education.

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