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Hope Care has been dedicated to the purpose of preserving the lives of those suffering from mental illnesses, reintegrating them into society, and reuniting them with their families. Our skilled Mental Health Professionals at Mental Hospital include qualified psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.

We take a patient-centered approach to treating psychiatric diseases and addiction, combining medical treatment with psychological intervention and adapting the treatment to the patient's specific needs and requirements.

• Experience of almost 25 years

• Intensive Inpatient Programmes and Structured Outpatient Services with the largest team of mental health professionals.

• Initial identification, which includes screening and intervention.

• Comprehensive evaluation and individualised treatment plan.

• Treatment for Addiction, Awkward Positions, and Bipolar Disorder

• Alcohol Addiction Treatment

• Rehabilitative Psychosocial Services

• Safety and Health

• Mental illness, addiction, and relapse prevention education for families

Hope Care India Wellness is the leading Luxury Rehab Centre in Nashik and De Addiction Centre in Nashik for overcoming addictions such as alcohol and drug abuse. Roar Wellness, a Nashik rehab and de-addiction centre, is dedicated to respecting secrecy while providing safe and effective therapy.

We believe that no one should feel alienated or alone in their fight to overcome addiction. We are dedicated to assisting individuals in need by providing the best therapy and assuring the highest success rate. When you decide to stop using alcohol or drugs, Roar Wellness is the only place to go to obtain the help you need to overcome these addictions.

Addiction Rehab Centre in Nashik, India

Addiction therapy takes place in a safe, secure, and supportive environment. Provides care and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A skilled team of consulting psychiatrists/psychologists, therapists, and attendants is on hand to help. ROAR aspires to provide the greatest quality care in residential treatment for substance use disorder with 24-hour referrals and places accessible 365 days a year.

Our team are motivated to provide therapy and personal care that exceeds our expectations. We have enhanced our processes throughout the years to provide an open, world-class environment. Our emphasis on discipline, safety, and procedures ensures the finest possible results every time.

Quality and Assurance - Rehab Centre in Nashik

The ROAR rehab centre has a single goal: to provide the greatest level of care throughout the whole spectrum of substance use disorder treatment services. This is provided in a secure setting and is handled by a well-educated, experienced staff of healthcare practitioners and councillors who closely oversee the de-addiction process at all times.

best rehab centre in Nashik

Dr Deepak Raheja

Dr. Deepak Raheja is a senior Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist who has been associated with the field of mental health for over a decade.He currently heads the Departments of Psychiatry at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon, Sama Nursing Home and Aashlok Hospital in Delhi and is a senior consultant Psychiatrist to many diplomatic missions and a Senior Advisor to many Media Houses including CNN, IBN, NDTV, Doordarshan , Hindustan Times, Times Of India etc.

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Dr. Deepak Raheja, a renowned psychiatrist, with a team of well qualified and experienced professionals at HOPE CARE, he is a philanthropist and reaches out to help society in areas of mental health awareness & education, support group management, patient diagnosis & treatment, and programs for in-patient care.

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Best Rehab Hospital in Nashik

Addiction Treatment

best rehab centre in Nashik

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best rehab centre in Nashik

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best rehab centre in Nashik


Best Rehab Hospital in Nashik



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Addiction is a recurring compulsion in an individual to engage in a specific activity. The term is often reserved for alcohol and drug addictions but is also applied for gambling, compulsive overeating, compulsive shopping, sex addiction and Internet addiction. Hopecare India is the best rehab centre in Nashik. They have a team of best doctors to help you get rid of your addiction.
Hopecare India is the best rehab centre in Nashik. They take care of your confidentiality and give you guidance and tips that will help you get rid of consuming any kind of harmful products, you are addicted to.
All the doctors and therapists meet the best laid standards of clinical expertise. We also ensure regular training of all doctors and therapists to ascertain that all patients are dealt with the most empathetic and compassionate expertise.


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