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Women’s Mental Health Services at HOPE CARE INDIA are designed to meet the unique needs of women with depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental health problems. Life experiences can influence their vulnerability to emotional disturbances, and can affect decision making, problem solving and the ability to live life functionally. Hope care provides specialized care and expertise in treating all mental issues related to women. Our trained psychologists and psychotherapists work closely with women to plan preventive strategies and help them cope with all kinds of emotional distress or psychological trauma. We are a center that incorporates clinical treatment with diagnostic evaluation, medication management, mind medical and psychotherapy as part of case formulation. We tailor make our treatment strategies depending upon case to case and stand committed to deliver our best in helping our clients increase their quality of life. Treatment services are available as both in-patient and out-patient services. Both our treatment wings ensure safety and security for all our women clients as a priority.

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