Substance Abuse, commonly known as Addiction, is a condition that results due to a pattern of continuous use of any substance like alcohol, cannabis (hash/weed), cocaine, cough syrups, sleeping pills, opioids and such, or engagement in an activity like sex, gambling, shopping, eating, Internet usage that is pleasurable but the continuous use/act of the same becomes obsessive and compulsive and leads to dysfunctionality in all spheres of life. Ordinary life responsibilities take a backseat and the individual is unable to focus at work /school or college. Along with physical deterioration, Addiction brings with it a change in the attitude and personality of the user. Manipulative, pathological lying, aggression and stealing are a few problem personality traits in an addict that need to be worked upon. Treatment includes medical management o withdrawals (detoxification) to intensive psycho-social interventions that are carried out in the form of group sessions and one-on-one sessions.

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