Post the in-patient treatment phase, the next step in the treatment process that is offered is After Care. We believe that the transition from being in a sterile environment free of any life stressors to mainstream life brings its own anxieties to the patient and their families. We know that this is a crucial time when the patient needs our support and guidance. We encourage our patients to discuss the problems they are encountering in maintaining their sobriety/treatment goals. We create individualized day care programs for our patients to help them prevent a relapse. We strongly recommend day care services as it facilitates communication with the treatment team on a daily basis and prevents any accumulation of emotional baggage in the patient as they get an opportunity to talk about their issues with a professional as and when required. The schedule is designed in such a way that they come for therapy on a daily basis and interact with the treating team. Moreover,After Care programs also include family involvement. The therapy is extended to the family members of the patient to help them process their own fears and anxieties about the patient’s behavior post the treatment and rehabilitation phase.

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