A psychiatric centre and residential treatment program since 2005, Institute Hope provides effective and integrated treatment for individuals facing addiction and complex psychiatric problems.

This is the dual diagnostic, clinical psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation services arm of HOPE CARE and has several In-patient programs

  • Psychiatric Programs – Mental health and behavioral disorders
  • De -Addiction Programs – Alcohol and substance abuse issues

Our treatment philosophy is based on the belief that treatment of the patient as a whole – mind, body and spirit – is necessary to successfully confront and arrest the progressive diseases of the mind.

Our innovative treatment programs include

  • Provision of as normal a living situation for each individual as possible while in treatment. The patients are not addressed as “patients” but as “members”. All members, though supervised, are given the opportunity to practice a more realistic lifestyle while in treatment.
  • Comfort of a home-like atmosphere where the members are provided with a stress free living environment
  • Humane, patient-centred treatment with a special focus on the patient-therapist relationship.
  • Balance between pharmaco-therapeutic and psycho-therapeutic modalities.
  • Multidisciplinary teams of qualified and caring professionals consisting of psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, psychiatric nurses and social workers.

It is observed that our treatment methodology is successful in enhancing the quality of life of the members and in de-stigmatizing treatment for them to a great extent, thus opening up a new road for their recovery ahead.

Encouraged with the results of our work in the domain of mental healthcare we have

  • Launched specialized treatment modules for addiction treatment.
  • Formulated specialized relapse-prevention modules.
  • Increased patient-therapist ratio.
  • Increased empanelment of a larger number of mental health professionals such as psychologists, staff nurses and social workers.

Our new Out-patient facility at Uday Park, New Delhi provides

  • Streamlined logistical and technical support to our residential facility.
  • World-class out-patient screening, diagnostic and treatment facilities to clients.
  • The Alumni support system for continuing care.

Teams for treatment and support

Medical – Doctors and Nurses
Counsellors – De-addiction and Behavioural
Therapists – Dance, Music, Theatre, Art and Yoga
Staff – F&B, Housekeeping and Security

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