Sadistic personality disorder: A downfall to your mental health

  •                Sadistic Man
  •                Aggressive with behaviour
  •                Cruel with words
  •                Brutal with force
  •                Heartless with feelings
  •                Malicious with thoughts
  •                Vicious with fights
  •                Sadistic with you.

These lines were very accurately penned down by the great poet Kaio Clark.

He has brilliantly explained in his few lines what sadism is?

From the medical point of view,

A sadistic personality disorder is a personality disorder that involves sadomasochism.

The human race has seen both sides of extremities. They have actually not learned to weigh their feelings and project them. They harm as much as they help! What makes few people inclined towards cruel behaviour then? 

People may get involved in having a sadistic personality if somehow they do not feel the pain of others. Researchers know the fact that most people shun themselves from doing wrong because they may feel the pain later on. But, sadism has a whole new definition. These people either do not feel the pain of others or enjoy inflicting pain on them.

Have you ever heard of Salison Jose das Gracas?

A 26- year old Brazilian who murdered 41 people!

When interrogated, he said he did it “for the fun of it!” 

If you imagine a sadist, you would probably name anyone from Adolf Hitler to maybe even the stepmother of Snow White!

But in general, what we may face today are ‘everyday sadists,’ they are far from being mass murderers or torturers. Yet, you should know their characteristics.

Everyday sadists

Sadistic tendencies will not go unnoticed in the wake of life. Stats reveal that around 6% of undergraduate students derive pleasure out of pain. 

Everyday sadists may involve people who are bullies, internet trollers, or even people who enjoy killing bugs or hurting dogs.

Traits of everyday sadists

  • Leak out secrets.
  • Damage the image of others.
  • Try and destroy the relations of others 
  • Theft of property.
  • All forms of bullying.
  • Demeaning a co-worker.

What is the cause of sadism?

Do all people have a subtle nature of sadism?

After all, human beings have survived ages by killing animals for food and also fought wars to gain power!

Luckily these traits assemble their need to survive and not inflict pain on people to get pleasure.

The source for such aggressive behaviours(sadism) has not yet been clearly stated. Few studies have drawn the link of sadism to be a disrupted childhood that can be either physical or emotional abuse.

Another cause of it can be the personal experience of an individual. People can become sadists with a life full of stress, tension, and anxiety. This can be very draining to anyone, and few amongst these people may turn sadists as a result of it. 

Spot the sadist!

The lack of empathy and aggressive traits of sadists are not the only factors that tag them to be of a sadistic nature. The primary fruitful outcome of a sadist by inflicting pain comes in when he sees a person suffer. 

A study of 713 students was done to judge an individual’s sadism level. You, too, can take this questionnaire test if you suspect any sadistic behaviour in you. The questions devised by the University of College Cork includes the following;

  1. I enjoy hurting people.
  2. Hurting people can be exciting.
  3. I hurt people as it gives me pleasure.
  4. I have fantasies about watching people in pain.
  5. I humiliate people to keep them within boundaries.
  6. I do not intend to hurt anyone.
  7. Anger makes me hurt people.
  8. I hurt people because I am capable of it.

The above-listed questions can decide if a person is a victim of a sadistic personality. 

Giving a score of 1 for each ‘yes’ point, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 8. If you or anyone who you asked to take the test scores above 4, then you will fall in the category which could be considered an everyday sadist.

Got a positive mark for sadism?

Talk to people who care for you. Even better, consult a therapist. With proper care and treatment, you will be able to handle your sadistic nature.

Are sadists harmful to society or themselves?

Pretty much yes, sadists can be a threat to society as well as for themselves!

Studies have proven that sadists are also found to undergo emotional pain after they have hurt someone.

So sadists are not bad? Or are all sadists not bad?


Sadism is a mental disorder, and its manifestation can be shown in varied forms. But, in most cases, sadistic people are also seen to be emotionally torn apart after they have executed a horrendous act.

Aggression for these people is actually executed differently than what they assumed it to be.’

How can sadists be helped?

Sadists people savour from the suffering of people. If they are not given a chance to ridicule anyone, they will automatically retreat.

Another way to put off a sadist is to take control yourself. Sadists are hungry for power and control. Reversing the role will suppress their actions.

At most times, things will not remain in your control. If you know a sadist who is traumatizing you, then know he is inflicting pain on himself too. Help them instead of looking down on them or being fearful. Sadism can be resolved with proper therapy. 

Contact Hopecare for help at any time. We provide therapy to the most rigid individual as well and make them choose a positive path.

Did you know: People with a dark personality have shown to excel career-wise?

Even Steve Jobs has been called a narcissist by many psychologists!

Although dark traits may keep you at a place where you lack empathy and pull back others to excel, this is not a virtuous way of living. Following the ‘middle path,’ as Buddha said, will help you progress beneficially.

At Hopecare, we work on your strong points and discard the odd ones so that you can cherish your life. After all, “Goodness is the greatest addiction.”

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Author: Dr. Deepak Raheja

Hope Care established under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Raheja, President at Delhi Psychiatric Society is a psychiatric center of excellence that endeavors to restore hope and well-being to individuals and families afflicted by mental ill-health through comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services. Hopecare seeks to set benchmarks in innovative programs in treatment, care, and education.

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  1. My husband is a kind of sadist. He scolds me much for small cause and have extramarital affairs. Sometimes when I ask something which he like to hide he scolds loudly and breaks items like chair ,cup, clock anything. He also hurts himself.

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