5 must watch movies about alcohol addiction

movies about alcohol addiction

Are you going to turn your life upside down because you gave more preference to a mere entertaining factor in your life?

A straightforward no would be the answer for almost all people. But, when you ask an alcohol addict, he might give you a mixed response. After all, his addiction started as a means to bypass his time, gel into society or build an image amongst his friends. Unfortunately, troubling things take no time to make you fall along with them.

You cannot choose whether or not you will become alcohol dependent. All the more, the essential part now would be to overcome this threatening life rather than lamenting over your past.

If entertainment brought you to your current position, why not let entertainment play a part in pulling you out from it?

Here are some movies about alcohol addiction that you can watch to uplift your spirits and lead an everyday life.

5 must see movies about alcohol addiction-

  1. Smashed-

The award-winning movie had hit the theatres in 2012. The film is captivating and every bit worthy of your time. A black comedy movie that has shown some grim realities about alcoholism: the whole movie will grip you in a zone of insightful moments. And what better could this be for someone trying to get out of his addiction?

The movie encompasses the life of Kate, who is an alcohol-driven elementary teacher.

The movie unfolds as one day she comes to school with a hangover and vomits away in front of all the children. She thereby sets on a journey after that to overcome her unhealthy habits and tries to mend her dwindling relationship with her alcohol addict husband.

This is a beautiful transition story of a woman who takes her control back to change her life as per her requirements.

  1. 28 days-

One of the releases of the year 2000, this movie is a breakthrough for all individuals suffering from alcoholism.

The story is about a woman, Gwen, who is given a choice to spend her days either in jail or rehab after stealing a limousine. Gwen was a troubled alcohol drinker. She had to stay for a time period of about 28 days around addicts and acknowledge her condition with their support. We get a view of each patient’s demons and how they work together. The story further unravels how Gwen advances step by step into her new life, which she created.

  1. Barfly-

If any movie draws you closer to the real side of alcoholism, then it is this story. The 1987 movie is the biography of the successful poet Charles Bukowski. The protagonist is a carefree drinker who lives life according to his will. Sometime in between all his reckless drinking and unending duels, he finds some time to jot down a few lines of poetry.

The story teaches us how passion and talent are ultimate addictions. Reach out to your goal and lead a purposeful life; this will make you remain forever high and in happiness.

  1. Days of wine and roses-

This movie has bagged 4 Oscar nominations.

The movie’s two lead characters, Joe and Kristen, are ambitious in their career and heavy alcohol drinkers( call it a result of severe professional life pressure). Slowly as they embark on the journey of togetherness, their romance flees away to be replaced by the strong urge of drinking. They experience their world falling apart as they drift away from each other, succumbing to alcohol day by day.

This story will play as a motivation trigger for all those who have lost or fear losing their loved ones. Their final decision can either bring them close to the people they love by choosing sobriety or ruining their lives forever.

  1. When a man loves a woman-

Everything is perfect in the life of Alice and Michael. They are in the ideal stage of their career, have a beautiful house and each other to share their entire life with. Soon after, things take a turn as the fairytale lifestyle is shattered by a reality check.

Alice starts to develop proximity to the dangers of alcohol. This results in fallen work-life, erratic behavior at home, and hurt relations. She eventually decides to go to rehab.

The woman that returns home is a robust, mature, and well-controlled version of the old Alice. She holds onto the broken strings of relations and makes things work out for herself as well as for her family.

Why watch it?

A pretty common question that must be hovering in your mind. Why watch movies about addictionCan they even help?

People who are unaware of their life feel weary and weak about their condition. As humans, no one should come into such a position. Many people have sworn by the effectiveness of motivating movies. This gives a zeal to work up addicts to fight their urges and get influenced by the people who won this battle against addiction.

Every story is an opportunity to connect with new people, know their life and see that everyone goes through their own hardships. No matter why you resorted to drinking alcohol, the reason to come out of it is always bigger and better.

The movies will help you take your first step toward the goal you have been avoiding so far. All it takes is a leap of hope and the support of your loved ones. You should always remember that, ‘if one can do, so can you!’ You too have the caliber to choose a life you are worthy of.

Start walking the road of your recovery and if at any point you need help, reach out to Hopecare for professional guidance. They are always there to make your journey easier. Call now at 91-9311112377.



‘ I drank because it felt smart; I surrendered for the same reason!’

Author: Dr. Deepak Raheja

Hope Care established under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Raheja, President at Delhi Psychiatric Society is a psychiatric center of excellence that endeavors to restore hope and well-being to individuals and families afflicted by mental ill-health through comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services. Hopecare seeks to set benchmarks in innovative programs in treatment, care, and education.

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