Intermittent Explosive Disorder and Childhood Trauma

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Explosive, as the name suggests, is something to do with raging! The alarming anger issues that in no possible cases can be termed, as usual, is what intermittent explosive disorder can be characterized into.

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People dealing with this disorder may feel unable to control their ‘fits of disproportionate anger.’ This comes as an episodic wave. Not that people suffering from intermittent explosive disorder are narcissistic. They do feel the regret for creating a menace after their temper has dropped down. The impending anger issues are uncontrollable for these people, making everything go out of sync for them. Only after lashing out their anger can they take a sigh of relief!

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How childhood trauma is one of the etiological factors to intermittent explosive disorder-

Reports claim, most people dealing with this disorder have a history of domestic, verbal, physical, and emotional violence in their early childhood. Since they have grown up in an environment of violence and resentment, they carry these traits to their adulthood.

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The stage of growth is a remarkable turn for every individual. It is said, ‘ A child is an early learner.’ Many a time, we forget this critical verity. Whatever the child sees or encounters, he collects it in his memory and, after that, executes it as per his preference. Having squabbles at home, verbal bashing of the child, or even physical abuse inflicted on him, are all stored and recorded in his mind. Thereafter, the child just has to ‘switch on the play button’ to re- telecast all that he has learned. It so happens many times that the child is not in control while projecting his fury. This then becomes a part of his personality. Whenever he gets irked, he unconsciously showcases devastating heights of anger. This type of anger issue continues with him till his adulthood phase. Thus, this can be said to be a portrayal of intermittent explosive disorder in children.

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Young children are considered to have a lot of resilience. They can forget things while they grow up. But, if a significant amount of trauma is induced upon them; it makes it very difficult for the child to forget his past. Childhood PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder keeps reminding the child of the distress that he has faced. His mind gets him alert for any warning signs that might end up making him face the same tribulations. This may cause the following symptoms;

  • Degrading self-esteem
  • Extremities of anger and exasperation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Feeling isolated.

Children in their early years learn to manage their emotions and learn to deal with the correct way of maintaining interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, due to these traumas, the child cannot understand how to control his emotional flow. This further exacerbates the problem of intermittent explosive disorder in them. When a child is suffering, it should be brought to the immediate notice of the guardians. Intervening in the course of the wrong action of the child in the earliest time can help the child recover. All that a growing individual requires is support and love from his family. When this is given to the child, he embarks on his journey to adulthood in a non-friction manner. If things seem to go out of hand, therapy for childhood trauma is mandatory.

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If an adult is undergoing intermittent explosive disorder, he too should call out for help. Working on the disorder in the right order can restore back peace in your life. To get such a life experience, visit the best psychiatrist in Delhi and also, rehabilitation centre in Delhi to help such children and adults too, in recovering.

Author: Dr. Deepak Raheja

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