Recovering from Depression and Covid-19 State

Recovering from Depression and Covid-19 State

A person falls ill many times in life. Whether he is suffering from a minor illness or major illness. Sometimes these diseases go on for a long time, sometimes a man gets rid of them in a short time. But these diseases have an effect on our mental health. Stress, fear, anxiety and sadness are common when you are ill.

If you have to stay in the hospital for several days, then all these feelings become more intense. If you are suffering from Covid-19, then these feelings may bother you more, because more than 2 crore people have been affected by it worldwide.

It is important to take care of mental health during this Pandemic

If you are returning to normal life after Covid-19, then understand that during this time you feel emotionally weak. In such a situation, it is also necessary to overcome this thing. Do not take mental health lightly, as it can not only obstruct your recovery but can also lead to other complications related to mental health.

According to a study, patients recovering from Covid-19 are at higher risk of post-traumatic stress disorder. It can also cause severe distress and mental disability in future. According to a study published, at least one mental disorder has been detected in the clinical score of 55 per cent of patients recovering from Covid-19. This problem is more in women than men.

According to the World Health Organization, people who have been hospitalized due to Covid-19 could be disturbed by the experiences of the hospital. The patient may feel emotionally weak during this time. During recovery, mental health can also be affected due to not being able to return to life before this pandemic. That is why WHO recommends all Covid-19 patients to manage stress, anxiety and depression.

After recovering from corona, take care of mental health like this:

Get timely and sound sleep- When you were hospitalized due to infection, your sleep may have been affected. The circadian rhythm controls our sleep and can improve mood by taking proper and timely sleep. By sleeping regularly, you will be able to overcome it. Try to get a good sleep in a calm environment.

Eat a good and nutritious diet- Covid-19 has been depleted of many nutrients in your body, so eat healthy and nutritious food, so that you can recover quickly. Taking a good diet will not only improve your mood, but it will have a positive effect on your overall health. Foods containing fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will regulate the hormonal function of your body. With this, your mood will also be good and mental health will also improve.

Slowly return to work- Any kind of physical activity after Covid-19 can make you tired and it can also cause trouble in breathing, but by returning slowly to your normal active life both your physical and mental health will get benefit in return to your routine, this will give you the same strength and mental peace again.

Get plenty of rest- It is important to return to physical activity, but at the same time, rest is also necessary. Resting will not only reduce your stress but will also improve mental health. Meditation, breathing exercises and stretching can also provide mental peace like reading a book and listening to good music.

The life is calling you again- Any person who has gone through a disease knows how lonely you feel during this time and it is fatal for your mental health. Before Pandemic, how did you share all your grief and happiness with friends and relatives, once again you have to do the same, but if you cannot meet someone in person at the moment, then be connected by phone, video call etc. If a friend or family member comes to you for help, welcome him and talk a lot.

The above-mentioned tips will help you reconnect with your own society and will improve your mental health. However, if you feel that mental pressure, stress, sadness or anxiety is increasing then do not delay in meeting Dr Deepak Raheja at all.

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