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Mental Health is a state of well being, in which an individual is able to maximize his own potential, is able to handle stressors, make decisions and live resourcefully. However, the increase in everyday stressors, there seems to be a decline in mental health in society as a whole. As many would assume, the absence of a psychiatric illness, is not a measure of mental well being. Instead, Mental Health comprises of a state of complete physical, emotional and social well being.

It is important to understand the factors that cause a mental illness. It is interplay of various factors, the neurochemistry of the brain, genetics and the constitutional make up, the stressors in the immediate environment and the coping ability to deal with those stressors. Needless to say that an individual’s thinking style and their patterns of perceiving situations is also contingent upon the individual’s pre-disposition to developing a mental illness.

Hope Care India, traces its genesis and birth to the brain wave of Dr. Deepak Raheja, a young psychiatrist in Delhi, fourteen years ago with intent to better the state of mental health in Delhi by providing treatment opportunities to all sections of society and helping people become more aware of mental illness. With an experience of fourteen odd years under his belt, Dr.Deepak’s vision has grown in leaps and bounds and his compassionate treatment methodologies and philosophies has resulted in many finding relief and healing through his innovative methods of treatment. Today HOPE CARE INDIA has grown to be a dynamic team of mental health professionals, some specialists in their own fields, taking further and improvising the vision that Dr, Raheja had set forth a few years ago.  Passion, empathetic approach, attentive listening and unconditional commitment to patient well being are the staunch pillars on which HOPE CARE INDIA rests and operates.

At HOPE CARE, the treating team provides quality services to treat various mental illnesses and also provide a space to interested individuals to better their mental health. This includes coping with problems in life which may not necessarily be clinically loaded or have acute psychological underpinnings, yet are significant enough to cause distress and unmanageability in one’s life. To name a few, relationship problems, academic issues, problems related to work and social environment , self esteem issues, poor personality skills are a few non clinical problem areas for which help is readily available at HOPE CARE .

Acute or continuous, Mental Illness in any form can be very crippling both for the patient and the family. This is because mostly the symptoms are not understood; they can initiate fear and worry in the family and sadly are most often misdiagnosed. The point being that such illnesses are workable and can be arrested if treated appropriately. HOPE CARE has scientific assessment techniques, diagnostic formulation methods and clinical therapies that are used in combination to make individualized treatment plans, depending upon the presenting symptomatology. The focus is on educating the patient and the family about the disease so that they are aware of what they are dealing with. This gives an edge to the patient to be more motivated and hopeful about treatment outcomes. HOPE CARE endeavors to support the patient in coping by helping restore confidence and well being .Treatment is provided both on an in patient and out patient basis. There are no gender biases and confidentiality and safety of all patients is the priority of the treating team and staff at HOPE CARE.

Dr. Deepak Raheja
Sr. Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
President – Delhi Psychiatric Society
Director – Hope Care India
137, Uday Park,
New Delhi – 110049
Ph.: +91-98102 12377
Website: – www.hopecareindia.com

Author: Dr. Deepak Raheja

Hope Care established under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Raheja, is a Psychiatric Centre of excellence that endeavors to restore hope and well-being to individuals and families afflicted by mental ill-health through comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services. Hopecare seeks to set benchmarks in innovative programs in treatment, care, and education.

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