What Causes OCD & What are the Symptoms?

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental disorder which may affect anyone, irrespective of any age, gender or social status. One can find anxiety disorder treatment center, where they can avail treatment programs for OCD. With OCD, the person suffering gets caught in a cycle of obsessions and compulsions. The obsessions that the person feels are unwanted, intrusive and a lot of times they see images that trigger the feeling of distress. The people with ODC have obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours, but one needs to understand that not everyone with such feeling is suffering from OCD. The obsession and compulsion in case of the disorder is way too extreme and relative actions cannot be controlled by the individual.

What Causes OCD?

The exact cause of OCD has not been found as yet. Research has shown that in many cases the disorder is caused by a combination of both environmental and biological factors.

  • Environmental Factors: OCD in lot of people are triggered by environmental stresses. Certain factors may also lead to worsening of the situation. This includes, abuse, living situations, illness, losing loved ones, relationship concerns, etc.
  • Biological Factors: We know the fact that the brain is one of the most complicated parts of our anatomy. It comprises of billions of neurons (nerve cells) that communicate together for proper functioning of the body. The neurons communicate with each other through chemical called neurotransmitters, which flows the information from one cell to another. Many scientists think that OCD arises when there is a problem in the pathways that links to the judgment and planning part of the brain and thus there are flaws in the areas involve body movements. Research has it that OCD symptoms can at times pass on from parents to children.

Symptoms of OCD

The symptoms of OCD vary from person to person. Below given are few common obsessions that people face when they suffer from OCD.

  • Afraid of dirt
  • Scared of places that are not organised
  • Afraid of causing harm to someone
  • Scared of making mistake
  • Feeling socially awkward or embarrassed
  • Overthinking over a normal situation
  • Strong need for order, exactly or symmetry

Common compulsions that an OCD person faces are:

  • Repetitively bathing or washing hands
  • Declininghandshakes or touching doorknobs
  • Checking things repeatedly, like stove, locks, doors and windows
  • Counting loud while performing certain tasks
  • Arranging and rearranging things repeatedly
  • Specific way of eating food
  • Getting stuck with images, words, thoughts that won’t go away easily
  • Repeating certain work, action or phrase

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Author: Dr. Deepak Raheja

Hope Care established under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Raheja, is a Psychiatric Centre of excellence that endeavors to restore hope and well-being to individuals and families afflicted by mental ill-health through comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services. Hopecare seeks to set benchmarks in innovative programs in treatment, care, and education.

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