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Welcome to HOPE CARE INDIA, that endeavors to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses, paving the way for prevention, recovery, and cure. We believe and strive to provide dignified and professional treatment to all who are distressed with mental health, psychological or emotional problems. Hope Care India is an organization that provides excellent, treatment options for various mental illnesses and de-addiction. It is committed to an empowering environment in which patients realize their greatest intellectual, creative, ethical, and physical potential. We are defined by an energized, attentive, and diverse patient-doctor culture. At HOPE CARE INDIA we value the individual and we work to help the patients achieve recovery through self-actualization and discovery. We attempt to provide an exciting setting for healing, specifically designed to meet individual needs of all patients Through our therapeutic interventions, the patient develops an ability to thrive in dynamic settings, the capacity to advocate for him/herself and others, take responsibility and develop an ethic of hard work and critical thinking, which put together shall allow him/her to live more resourcefully with respect and dignity.

At HOPE CARE INDIA we believe that the treatment experience for patients should not just address the presenting symptoms but should address their varied intellectual, physical, social and emotional development so as to increase their state of mental health and wellbeing.

I encourage you to explore our programs online but most importantly to take the time to visit us on campus. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Dr.Deepak Raheja

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